There aren't many soundfiles on my page. You may be wondering why that is, well I didn't feel like it. If you don't agree with that:

These files are mostly made by amateurs, they are pretty original. If the sounds below aren't enough for ya click on the excellent links on the bottom for lots more sounds.

What the f#@* are our heros doing with that Hanson asswipe?
Listen to find out (mp3)
Similair Hanson stuff here (mp3)

Very funny soundfile, especially when you've seen the movie:
Pulp fiction meets Beavis & Butthead (mp3)

Star Trek crossover's:
Cornholio VS the Borg (mp3)
More Star Trek (wav)

I don't really know what this one's all about appearently it has something to do with Southpark. It's neither funny nor good. Check it out anyway (mp3).

B&B vs Cartman this one's much better. (mp3)

The most excellent opening theme in long version. Great stuff (wav)

Beavis and Butthead listen to Tchaikovsky. He rules. (mp3)

cha-cha-cha. The real fans will know what this means. (aif)

Cornholio in Spanish class. funny stuff (aif)

Beavis and Butthead pledge to the U.S.A. In their own unique way. (aif)

Highland high, SUCKS. (aif)

Coach Buzzcut CRAP. (aif)

Coach Buzzcut NEGATIVE. (aif)

The original DISCLAIMER. (aif)

The FAKE DISCLAIMER demands attention. (wav)

Cornholio raving his head off as usual. (aif)

laugh1 from the classic sex-ed scene. (wav)

laugh2 the follow up. (wav)

laugh3 the final follow up. (wav)


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