I had a hell of a time finding worthwile links. And in this list I tried to minimize dead links. Everyone totally gave up. Most sites below haven't been updated for years, some however still work pretty good. But at least there's always the BEAVISBASE (for now anyway)

Go fishing with Beavis. check it out (weird!)

Answering machine messages. check it out

B&B Kingdom, HARDCORE fansite. check it out

B&B's sofa, worth a look, it's a good site. check it out

B&B Playground, used to be a great site in B&B's glory days. check it out

Malbot's B&B, pretty screwed up, but maybe you'll see the inner-beauty.(yeah right) check it out

Temkin's B&B, under construction since 1996. check it out

Shanny's B&B, it was under construction, but they never bothered to finish it, bunch of fuck-ups. check it out

Malte's B&B isn't working like it's supposed to, but what does these days? check it out

Supremevil's buttorium this one still works (sort of). check it out

Learn about Mike Judge. WHO THE MAN?!! check it out

B&B consortium. check it out

Another temple, freaky shit. check it out

The temple of Beavis, one of the last Mohicans. Still going strong. check it out

Cornholio's Bunghole, very big site. check it out

Mostly about the Judge, good site. check it out

A chatroom wich is empty all the time, so you can talk to yourself ONLINE. check it out

Cool interactive stuff (shockwave). check it out

The only MTV(Asia) site I found that still has some B&B stuff, if you look carefully. check it out

For those fortunate enough to understand Russian here are 2 sites

Like I said Russian Beavis and Butthead. check it out

As of yet this is the only b&b fansite with it's own domain-name. It's a really great site. Including downloads of some games, also in Russian. check it out