Last major update 15-09-2003: This site was originally hosted on Geo-Cities and was the first site I've ever made.

The last bastion for Beavis and Butthead fans.

I made this site because I have been a fan from the very beginning
and I got the feeling that people are starting to forget Beavis and Butthead.
I was right
In a futile attempt to please fans I made this site, not realising that there aren't any fans left.
Despite this minor glitch I'll keep this site going, just for the hell of it.
This is a fansite, but not one of those sites where I go huh,huh all the time.
That's for Beavis and Butthead to do hear them roar


This site is in no way affiliated with MTV.
Beavis & Butthead are trademarked and copyrighted by MTV and Mike Judge and some other people who aren't me.
If I borrowed B&B items wich I shouldn't have borrowed,
E-mail me and i'll take appropriate action.