Here a humble collection of stuff you can download to screw up your computer.

These are mostly zipfiles, so download WINZIP here if you don't have it yet

I have some MOVING CURSORS of beavis and butthead you can download here. DOWNLOAD.

A desktop theme (install the windows theme-support program first). DOWNLOAD

Another desktop theme. DOWNLOAD

Nice background. DOWNLOAD


This game enables you to rock with Beavis and Butthead. DOWNLOAD

Kill bugs who steal your candy in this game. DOWNLOAD

Get back at those damned tennis-weenies. DOWNLOAD

Pick up the remote, and switch off all the stuff that sucks. DOWNLOAD

Keep the Burgerworld customers happy or they'll complain to your boss and he'll streamline your ass. DOWNLOAD

Catch all the cool stuff that Butthead throws at you, not as easy as it sounds. DOWNLOAD

The ultimate demo-game. includes the 'hock a loogie' and a grand tour of the science class. CHECK IT OUT!! DOWNLOAD